KWM is transforming the way it
delivers legal services for clients

At KWM we are implementing a firm-wide transformation program, designed to create better, more cost-conscious outcomes for our clients. Our commitment to being future ready for our clients has driven our focus on best practice design and the execution of a Transformation program that drives lasting change. KWM has been recognised by the Financial Times and profiled in Harvard Business Review for our market leading, digital first, data-led approach to transformation.

Transformation at KWM is focused on enhancing our digital literacy and capability with LegalTech, as well as driving adoption of process improvement automation and the delivery of legal services digitally.

Our lawyers are already applying their increased digital
skills on legal engagements, leveraging our suite
of LegalTech tools to:

Improve processes:

Focusing on ways of working to adopt cost effective and efficient approaches on engagements

Drive digital literacy:

Uplifting capability to improve ways to identify and apply on engagements

Increase LegalTech – KWM adoption:

Actively deploying tools on engagements to drive efficiencies

Our multi-year firm-wide transformation roadmap is focused on behavioural changes to create new capabilities within our legal practice. Our award-winning program is designed to uplift the digital literacy of our people to optimise the delivery of legal services for our clients. Some of our initiatives include:

KWM LegalTech BeltsOur externally validated micro credentialing program that encourages our people to build digital skills and attain LegalTech mastery.

Our lawyers earn KWM LegalTech Belts by
demonstrating their level of proficiency across particular LegalTech tools, allowing them to build digital skills and attain LegalTech mastery. The externally validated micro credentialing program encourages our people to progress from awareness of LegalTech through to proficiency, so that they can increase efficiencies for clients and optimise legal service delivery. The Belts are designed to help clients identify our people’s breadth of digital capabilities, allowing them to leverage our lawyers’ diverse, complementary skillsets and mastery of LegalTech.

A ‘first of its kind’ in the legal market, levels of proficiency have been co-designed with the relevant LegalTech vendors. At launch, our vendor-accredited Belts include Atticus, Kira, Legatics and Nuix Discover, with additional Belts planned for future release. Learn more about KWM LegalTech Belts.

Graduate Digital BootcampsInvesting in our lawyers of the future with specialised training to accelerate their understanding and proficiency of applying LegalTech on client engagements.

Launched in 2020, our Graduate Digital Bootcamps are a week-long learning experience to help our Graduates learn LegalTech platforms, new ways of working, digital skills and understand our culture of reverse mentorship. We have measured strong impact across Graduates confidence and ability and continue to develop this through our broad programme of learning.

97% of graduate attendees understand the link between increasing their legal technology capability and improving the client experience, and

97% of graduates noted that participating in the Bootcamp sessions opened their mind to new possibilities and ways of solving challenges for clients

Read more about how we are empowering our Graduates via the AFR.

The Multiplierour program incentivises, recognises and rewards lawyers who adopt LegalTech on client engagements.

A first of its kind initiative that assigns multiplier time recorded by our lawyers on client engagements when one of our lawyers uses a recognised LegalTech tool. These multiplied hours are counted towards the lawyer’s overall performance assessment, for internal purposes only and is never passed through to the client. We have seen strong adoption of The Multiplier, with our people recording more than 10,000 hours in the first year since launch. Each of these recorded hours represent our people’s pursuit of optimisation and cost consciousness for our clients.

Read more about how we are accelerating our LegalTech capabilities through The Multiplier via Lawyers Weekly.

"Use it or Lose it"recording time equivalent to the billable hour, incentivising self-driven development.

Building knowledge, pursuing professional development and gaining digital skills are key to transforming the delivery of legal services. Dedicating time to these activities can be challenging in a busy day. At KWM we have introduced Use it or Lose it, time recording that provides each lawyer with 30 hours per financial year to dedicate to developing their digital proficiency. By incentivising our people to learn more about LegalTech tools we are enabling them to explore new ways of working and identify efficiencies that benefit our clients.

These initiatives create connected pathways for our people to engage with, become proficient in, and adopt LegalTech to execute continually optimised outcomes for our clients.